3D Graphics

The aim of this course is to give mathematical grounds and algorithms for the modelling, animation, and synthesis of images.

Applied probability and Statistics

The aim of this course is to provide basic knowledge of applied probability and an introduction to mathematical statistics.

Computing science for big data and HPC

This course is composed of two parts "Introduction to database" and "HPC". Its aim is to give an introduction to numerical and computing challenges of large dimension problems.

Geometric modeling

This course is an introduction to the differential geometry of curves and surfaces with a particular focus on spline curves and surfaces that are routinely used in geometrical design softwares.

Graduate School project

A student selected in the Graduate School track has to do a research project.


Industrial and/or research internship.

Introduction to cryptology

The aim of this course is to give mathematical grounds of security, integrity, authentication and cryptology.

Modeling Project

The students will work on a project during the month of January.

Numerical optimisation

This program combines case studies coming from real life problems or models and lectures providing the mathematical and numerical backgrounds

Object-oriented & software design

Introduction to computer sciences basics in the context of applied mathematics