Introduction to Operations Research


6 ECTS, CTD 36h, TP 18h


Marie-Laure Espinouse


The main objective of this course is to provide basics tools in operations research


  1. What is OR?
  2. Linear Programming
  3. Duality
  4. Mixed Integer Programming
  5. Dynamic programming
  6. Constraint Programming
  7. Complexity theory and Scheduling


  • Classical algorithms (sort, divide and conquer)
  • Algorithms complexity calculation
  • Programming: basic notions (variables, fonctions, if, for, while, tables)
  • Language Python or Java
  • Basic notions on graphs (basic definitions, graph search, trees, shortest paths)
  • Basic notions on linear algebra and matrix analysis (matrix multiplication, invertible matrix definition)
  • Basics of statistics and probability
  • Linear programming