Data science seminar




Pierre Etoré, Ronald Phlypo and Hacheme Ayasso


Our master programs now include a series of 5 seminars given by active researchers in the field of data processing methods and analysis.

These seminars are intended to give students some insights on modern problems and solutions developed in a data science framework, with applications in a variety of fields.

In order to make these seminars a most valuable experience for all students, a scientific paper dealing with the topic of the seminar will be selected by the speaker and dispatched to all students about 2 weeks before the seminar. Students are expected to read and study this paper, and to prepare questions, before attending the seminar. Presence at the seminars is compulsory for master students.

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This module is common with the M2 programmes MSIAM Data Science, MoSIG Data Science and SIGMA.


Evaluation: final written report and oral presentation.