Advanced Imaging

In this course, we will first focus on linear methods for image denoising.

AI - Deep Learning Computer Vision - Scene Understanding

CEA Saclay

Amélioration de la résolution spatiale d’images IRM : développement d’un algorithme de super-résolution

Laboratoire LIP/IXXI, ENS Lyon

An introduction to shape and topology optimization

In a very broad acceptation, shape and topology optimization is about finding the best domain (which may represent, depending on applications, a mechanical structure, a fluid channel,…) with respect to a given performance criterion (e.g. robustness, weight, etc.), under some constraints (e.g. of a geometric nature).

Censored demands estimation in vehicle sharing systems

G-SCOP, Grenoble

Computational biology

This interdisciplinary MSc course is designed for applicants with a biomedical, computational or mathematical background.

Efficient methods in optimization

Theoretical foundations of convex optimization.

Geophysical imaging

Understanding Earth's interior mechanisms, assessing seismic hazard due to earthquakes and volcanoes, securing our access to hydrocarbon resources and monitoring CO2 storage sites, all represent crucial issues for modern societies.

GPU Computing

In this course, we will introduce parallel programming paradigms to the students in the context of applied mathematics.

Introduction to extreme-value analysis

Taking into account extreme events (heavy rainfalls, floods, etc.) is often crucial in the statistical approach to risk modeling.