Level set methods and optimization algorithms with applications in imaging

This lecture will link level­set modeling of biomechanical systems (e.g. immersed elastic membranes mechanics) with optimal transportation theory.

Model preprocessing for stochastic optimization

G-SCOP Grenoble

Modeling and simulation of periodic inflatable materials

INRIA Grenoble

Modeling Seminar

This lecture proposes modelling problems. The problems can be industrial or academic.

Numerical optimal transport and geometry

Optimal transport is an important field of mathematics that was originally introduced in the 1700's by the French mathematician and engineer Gaspard Monge to solve the following very applied problem ...

Optimisation variationnelle pour l’amélioration de résolution en IRM

Laboratoire LIP/IXXI, ENS Lyon

Software Development Tools and Methods

This lecture presents various useful applications, libraries and methods for software engineering related to applied mathematics.

Statistical methods for forecasting

This course is related to mathematical and statistical methods for forecasting in supervised learning.

Wavelets and applications

Wavelets are basis functions widely used in a large variety of fields: signal and image processing, numerical schemes for partial differential equations, scientific visualization